Elevating the consumer experience through the power of cannabis

Altius Dispensary is our first adult-use cannabis dispensary located in Round Lake Beach, IL just 40 miles outside of downtown Chicago. Set to open in 2022, Altius will prioritize safety, quality, and affordability for all of our customers, and create dozens of full-time and part-time job opportunities for those socially impacted by past cannabis laws and nearby residents.

As we grow, our operations will expand nationwide and revolve around product versatility, relatability, and consumer-focused service. We will sell a wide array of approachable, high-quality cannabis brands and products to ensure that we accommodate all our customers’ needs.


We welcome this opportunity to educate the community about Altius and introduce our team. We will host a variety of ongoing community-driven and educational events.
  • Customer Education Classes
  • Support Groups
  • Job Fairs
We understand that communities face different issues and needs and it’s our responsibility to provide tailored support and benefits to the communities we work in.
  • Volunteer 100 hours annually supporting RLB community
  • RLB beautification projects
  • Sponsorship of the State’s plans to develop cannabis programs in universities
  • Support substance abuse treatment centers
  • Employment opportunities for those living in Disproportionately Impacted Zones
  • Promote local vendors and businesses instead of large corporations
  • Produce semi-annual neighborhood reports to address any community concerns
  • Local food bank support and collections
  • Continue to fight the broader war on drugs